Monday, May 30, 2005


More Visitors and a Walk

Well, more visitors today. This time, Evan and Jodi stopped by from California. I would like to visit them some day. Evan is warm and comfy.

We also went for a walk in my neighborhood. Didn't see much, but liked riding in the sling.

BTW, Dad posted more photos on Flickr.

Sunday, May 29, 2005


Sunday Visitors

First off, Dad's been cranking out the pictures over in my photo gallery.

Had some very nice visits today. First Miss KC and her mom Meg Mautner.

Later, Uncle Todd came by and held me for like an hour while we watched the last stage of the Giro d'Italia. Well, I slept through most of it. Bike racing on TV = boring.

Also got to video chat with baby Ivo! Hi, Ivo! Your daddy is funny-looking. Guess that makes two of us.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


Air Conditioning II

Hey, everybody, check out the Photo Gallery link on the left for more pics.

Nice breakfast get together today with Uncle John and Khaleh Marjon Walrod.* They brought Noah's bagels.

Dad said, "Before you leave, can you help me move the air conditioner up to the bedroom?"

"No problem," tall Uncle John said.

That didn't take long, even with their mini-biceps, and I was expecting we would finally have some reasonable temps soon. Dad was even able to find a (hard-to-read) copy of the missing directions on the Internet.

Can you believe three breast feedings happened before they were done? They kept dropping screws and realigning brackets and finding more holes to drill. Dad dropped an important nut on the roof and had to crawl out to get it. Turns out the nut was ruined anyway.

Time for a break. We went downstairs, had pizza, and watched a little bit of the Giro d'Italia. Also had a brief one-way video iChat with Uncle Darren and Aunt Anna. I am intrigued by mysterious baby Ivo.

Round two upstairs saw more grunting, head scratching, and small part destruction. Dad and Uncle John started relying more on a hammer, scavenged bicycle brake bolts, and shoving. Some parts were lost for good in the gutter. There were a disturbing number of leftover screws. A real "home owner job," Uncle Jeff would say.

Personally, I am waiting for the whole thing to break loose, roll down the roof, and crush our car.

Finally, the big moment came, and Dad fired up the A/C. The lights dimmed, cold air flowed, and the machine made a horrible racket. Waaah! I can't sleep through that! Dad pried off the grill and dug around. What was making the noise? The styrofoam? No, that was for insulation.

Finally, Dad found the problem: the bag with the remote control and the instructions were banging against the fan.

We pulled out the remote, the A/C purred quietly, and the Walrods went home -- seven hours after they came over for breakfast. You're the best Uncle John!

* Kaleh = Persian for aunt. See #57.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Air Conditioning I

It's been 90+ degrees here the last two days. I hear that's not always the case in Portland -- sometimes there is rain. Whatever "rain" is.

So Dad went to Home Depot to get an air conditioner. Apparently, they did not come standard with houses built in 1895. He got the most powerful window air conditioner that you can run off of residential power. I hear Dad had a lot of fun getting all 115 lbs. of it into our Honda Accord in the late afternoon heat of the Home Depot parking lot. He had to unpack it and then wedge it in the back seat sideways.

I could hear him drag it into the garage on a piece of cardboard -- he wanted reinforcements before attempting an install. And after all that, the instructions and remote control were missing!


Whom do I Look Like?

Great Grandma Agnes Grandma Sue Mama Cheryl Papa Scott Uncle Jeff Uncle Matt

Also see more pics of me and Mom.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Welcome to the World

Hey, what's going on here? You mean there's somewhere else to go? Ow, my head. Yikes, it's so bright!

Ok. It's Mom and Dad. Whew. So many things to soak in. Really tired, but can't sleep.

P.S. My head hurts.
P.P.S. Dad said he saw "The Bear" in Starbucks this morning. "A" bear? What is Starbucks? Dad said The Bear was very nice.

Monday, May 23, 2005


Coming Early

I wasn't supposed to be evicted until June 7, but, you know, I am learning that stuff just happens.

Dad says:
Went to the doctor's office Monday for one final check up before inducement on Tuesday night (instead of Wednesday). Cheryl's test values went from barely OK to barely not OK, so we walked over to the hospital, grabbed an illicit turkey sandwich, and checked in. The nurse started Cheryl on pitocin and I scrambled to get our bags (fortunately pre-packed), drop Scout off at Todd's, grab a snack, call the catsitter, call our parents, leave a pile of food for Tux, etc.

First day in weeks that was sunny and beautiful after weeks of dreary rain.

After a very long hour and a half, got back to the hospital. Was happy to see Kelly Witty and Megan Faris visiting. We settled in. Cheryl started some knitting. "Ouch. Was that a contraction?"

I'm not going to give the whole medical rundown here. I will say that the Pitocin-induced contractions are painful and come fast. Combined with IVs, blood pressure monitors, and fetal monitors, it all made for a more medical birth then we expected.

Cheryl suffered through, managed to rest around midnight, then around 1:45 AM, it was time to push. Baby came out fast.

The midwife had me help catch her and cut the cord. And there she was. Wide-eyed and checking everything out.

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