Thursday, June 30, 2005


Grandparent Week

Hey everybody, it's me, Scout, the guest blogger again! Clara's busy passed-out in her sling (again). Lots going on this week.

Grandma and Grandpa Myers visited all the way from Connecticut. Clara and I were very excited. Grandma cuddled Clara like all the time, and I got to gnaw on Grandpa's hand -- it's so tough he doesn't even mind. Ha ha.

We had a good run of visitors, too: John, Marjon, and Sadie Walrod, Miss KC and Meg Mautner, and Uncle Todd. The Mautners brought food again, although they forgot to share with me. Clara also got to go on some good walks around Washington Park and the Pearl. There was obviously some sort of mix-up, because they left me at home. Not really fair if you ask me -- all Clara does is sleep anyway. I know it's crowded in the car, but I have no problem sharing the front seat with other people.

I did get to go up the Mt. Tabor bike races. Lots of people there. I heard Beckham made an appearance last week, but I missed him.

I have to tell you that Clara and I were really sad when Grandma and Grandma left. I sat at the door for a long time waiting for them to come back, but they never did.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Mt. Tabor

I LOVE dressing up in pink girly clothes.

I HATE dressing up in pink girly clothes.

Speaking of loving and hating, I went up to the Mt. Tabor volcano to watch Daddy race his bike. As I probably mentioned before, bike racing is BORING -- but there are many people there who pay attention to me, so that is good.

This is Sacha. He builds Vanilla bicycles and has two little girls like me. They are so lucky because they now have a puppy! His name is Charlie. Sacha's sister is named Clara, too, so he thinks it is a good name.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Latourell Falls

Hey, everybody, I've been busy.

We all went for a short hike in the Gorge last Saturday. It was our first "real" hike, whatever that means. I think Scout really likes hiking. I like riding in my sling and in the car. Well, I don't know, I was kind of done with the car after a while.

Tried to squeeze in time with my boyfriend baby Beckham, but he is so busy. Sooo popular.

Later that day, we had dinner at Noho's Hawaiian Cafe. I slept in my sling.

Hey, Tux, that's MY bouncy chair!

Mom and I had a very busy social calendar today. We went to the hair salon, where all the nice ladies are. Then Miss KC and Aunt Meg stopped by with bagels and berries.

So, I've been pretty fussy lately. Growing and eating is hard work, and sometimes it hurts. I just want someone to make me feel better! A lot of times I am really hungry. But then my stomach gets all full of milk and I can't keep it down. Which makes me unhappy and hungry. I am trapped in a vicious cycle! Thanks, Mom, for seeing me through the night.

Thursday, June 16, 2005



Busy weekend. Slept in my sling while Mom, Dad, and Scout walked through the arboretum. Next day, we went out to brunch for the first time at Zell's Cafe. It smelled good and I liked all the noise, but mostly I slept in my sling.

Great Grandma McCullough made me a comfy afghan. Thanks!

OK, up to 120 photos in my gallery!

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Doctor Check-up

Got my two-week check-up yesterday. (A day after my original due date!)

All systems go. I am now 7 pounds, 3 ounces, and 20.25 inches.

The doctor said that last night's projectile milk vomiting happens occasionally.

I had my heel pricked. I did not like that. But I did see my boyfriend Beckham Witty in the waiting room, so that was good.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Sunday Visitors

More good visits today. I swooned in the arms of professional male model Jon Knowlson, and his girlfriend Alicia (she is a professional baby swooner). Thanks for taking time out of your big move and bringing sausages and flowers.

Uncle John and Sadie stopped by, too.

By the way, what's your favorite time of the day? Mine is 2 AM! 2AM = party time.


First Hike

Hey everybody, it's me: Scout!

We had our first family hike today in Tryon Creek State Park. I love hiking, and Tryon Creek is one of my favorite places -- there are lots of plants to check out, friendly people, cold streams, and always good dogs. We did the standard loop. I bet Clara thinks the whole world is green and damp. Well, sis, a lot of it is, but there are also hot and dry places, too. You gotta be careful, or you get the hotsy-totsy feet!

I love my new sister. She smells (and tastes) great, and makes little animal noises. I am very proud to lead her around on our walks. I also guard her against mean people, neighborhood cats, kids with basketballs, the mailman, and fireworks.

Thanks for the guest blogger spot, Clara.

Saturday, June 04, 2005


First Bath

Mom gave me a nice, warm bath last night. The water feels nice. I liked it. Though you may not believe it from this picture.

We went on a short hike today. Scout promised he would update you all on it tomorrow.

Friday, June 03, 2005


G.I. Jean*

We've settled into a routine here at my house. I'm eating every 2-3 hours. Dad's still home a lot, and we took another family walk around the neighborhood.

I have to say, though, that digestion is _hard_ work. It's been keeping me up after my 2 AM feedings. Dad rocks me and Mom holds me, and that helps, but you know I'm just pretty uncomfortable until, uh, processing is complete.

I sure love my sling. More adventures in store I bet.

* GI = Gastrointestinal

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


On Safari

Thanks for my giraffe, Grandma!


Off to College

I have found my role model in Xanna Steelman! She's off to San Francisco State this fall. I'm filing away this look for my freshman year in 2024.

In the meantime, man, I've been pooping up a storm. And peeing. Last night, my diaper was wet. Dad stripped me down and, well, the air was cold. Look out, more poop! Good thing you had a clean diaper there, Dad. Bet you didn't expect the pee, since it got all over your hand and soaked down through to the changing pad. Wheh. Feel much better now. Oh, wait, might want to save that third diaper, Dad, cause there's more pee on the way. Ahhh. Hey, I'm hungry now.

Exciting action at 2 AM.

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