Monday, August 29, 2005



Well, I know I haven't written much. We've been very busy. I've also been very hungry so I haven't had time to update my blog. A girl's gotta eat pretty much ALL the time to grow!

Hard at work

As you can see (by the size of the hands), Dad is the one that usually helps me work on my entries but Mom's helping me today.

So much has happened since last time, I went to the Saturday Market for the first time and picked out a tie dyed outfit and hung out with Auntie Marjon, Uncle John and Uncle John's parents, Don and Carol. I slept in my stroller most of the time but I opened my eyes for a few minutes to officially meet them. They came all the way from Pennsylvania to see me - that's the least I could do. Uncle John and Auntie Marjon also came by for a visit and I modeled my Saturday Market outfits for them and I fell asleep on Uncle John's big lap!

Miss KC and Auntie Meg stopped by for a visit too. I was a little cranky but I tried to cheer up and have fun with Miss KC for a little while. We had a good laugh at the huge croissant Mom was trying to eat!

Fun with Miss KC

Oh, man, my diaper is getting heavy and my tummy is getting empty. I gotta go. Check out the photo gallery for more pictures! Mom takes too many!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005



Hi everybody. Check out my fun dolphin dress from Baby Ivo, Uncle Darren, and Aunt Anna.

I am still hard at work here: eating, sucking, burping, peeing, pooping, and checking things out. Sometimes I even sleep. But who has time for that these days? Needless to say, all this work is difficult and often painful. I make sure to let Mom and Dad know when things don't feel right. Loudly.

My big new skill is the neck swivel. I can hold my head upright just like a big girl now. Did you know that when you turn your head you see different things? Me, neither! You should try it -- it's pretty cool. I spend a lot of time swivelling my head around: left, right, left, right. Ha ha! Fun.

I've settled on a vocabulary that covers most of my needs: 'ah-goo,' 'ah-gee,' and 'ennn.' It's fun to talk to Mom, Dad, and my crib mobile.

Last week, I branched out and tried some baby sign language. I looked right at Dad, said "aaad," and made the sign for 'dad.' Mom believes none of this, and claims it was just random arm flailing, but Dad and I know what's up.

My legs and back are strong and I like to exercise them. Sometimes, I think my random exercises freak Mom and Dad out. But nothing bad has happened yet. I asked Scout's advice, and he said not to worry about it: Mom and Dad are way too protective. If you want to do something dangerous, just go for it.

We've also been disagreeing about "tummy time." Some doctor or some book or something says I should lie on my tummy and push up with my arms every day, but I hate it! We'll have none of that.

But enough about me. I've been getting out and about Portland. I ran into George Hincapie at the Boulangerie the other weekend. Dad and I watched him win a stage of the Tour de France last month. (Well, I may have been sleeping because, after all, bike racing is BORING.) Anyway, George is pretty cute, but he's no Jon Knowlson.

I had a very nice lunch date with Baby Beckham. He is teaching me how to growl. I also had a lunch date with Dad while Mom went for a run in McLeay Park. We saw some barred owls. Cool. If you can believe it, I've been to Forest Park like four times in the last two weeks. It's nice because I can sleep in my sling. I don't like the car ride, though. One day, we didn't go to Forest Park, but went to the Columbia River instead. We walked along the shore and Scout went for a swim. It was nice and cool. We started to walk through the brush to Warrior Point lighthouse, but there were so many bugs that we bailed. Dad probably ate two pounds of blackberries on that walk.

Finally, you may remember from my last update that we went to Uncle Ryan and Aunt Megan's house warming party. After extensive internet research, I think Uncle Weaver is a sunflower killer. Why did the pretty flower have to die, Uncle Weaver?

Sunday, August 07, 2005



I was just relaxing on the couch with my brother Tuxedo...... but then I think Tuxie wanted to eat me!Fortunately, Scout was on duty and arrived to discipline Tux. Thanks, Scout.

And yesterday we went to Uncle Weaver and Aunt Megan's house-warming party. Aunt Marjon Walrod held me.I was glad she was there, because I was afraid this evil weed was going to eat me!Uncle Weaver took care of it, though, and resourcefully decorated the Walrod's car. Thanks, Weaver. Thanks, Marjon.

Lots more to report, but I'm sleepy now.

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