Monday, September 26, 2005


Good news, Bad news

Okay, it is bedtime - Daddy and Scout are already upstairs but I'm just not sleepy so Mom is helping with my blog entry while she makes a shhhhsh'ing sound, jiggles my body on her legs and I suck my thumb. She's hoping I'll fall to sleep but I have a responsibility to my readers so I'll stay up!

So....we had a good weekend. I was cranky all week - no one knows why but I felt better this weekend. We just hung out on Saturday...except that we made a big trip out to help Daddy buy new shoes. This is something he does every 5 or 6 years so I'll be in school by the next time we do that. Maybe I can help more after I've started school. Mommy and I suggested Daddy get both a black pair and a brown pair but Daddy says he doesn't like brown shoes. Go figure. Black shoes it is.

On Sunday, we went to Mommy's friends' (Lisa and Kylo) wedding. I've never been to a wedding before. The best part is that I got to meet Aunt Liddy from Manhattan for the first time! She's so smart and pretty and nice. I already asked if I could visit her when I'm older because Manhattan is so metropolitan! Not sure what that means yet but I bet it is pretty exciting. I love new places! Check me out with Liddy!

Oh, so the bad news. I went to the doctor and they gave me shots! I hate shots! Why do they shoot me? I did get a Hello Kitty band aid but I'm still mad. Next time, there's no way I'm getting shots. I'm going to crawl right out of the office if they try! I better know how to crawl before then...or should I work on teeth to bite with?

So, Dr. Jim says I look healthy and I'm doing all the things I'm supposed to be doing at my age. You know - important work stuff like rolling onto my tummy and giggling and sucking my hands and grabbing stuff. And I can hold my head up too! I can do lots of stuff. The nurse said I was 13 pounds, 25.5 inches and my head is 41 centimeters. Mom says I'm a banana baby and Dad calls me a pinhead. I'm sure these are nice things because Mom and Dad would never be insensitive!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Special Update

Today I pooped on Mommy's iBook. Stupid too-small diaper.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


New Photo Gallery

Baby picture update: I've started to move my photos to from Flickr. Flickr is cool and all, but there's a 200 photo limit and, uh, I've got a lot more photos than that! Mommy upgraded our bandwith, so enjoy!

Saturday, September 17, 2005


When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob Bobbin' Along


What's going on? Check out me in the sweater Grandma Myers made for me. I've been learning lots of new stuff and been out and about the town.


Today, we went to Powell Butte again. Dad, Scout, and I hiked while Mom practiced for cyclocross. It was a bit warm for me in the sun, but I like the walking. I checked out a few things and then I nodded off. We walked on the Wild Horse trail -- Scout liked it because there was fresh horse poop snacks everywhere. He found something dead to roll in, too. Ehhh!

I hung out with the Walrods again. And I've been video-chatting with Grandma and Grandpa McCullough. I also went to a pre-wedding party for Mom's friend Lisa (this is Emily in the photo, BTW).


Saw Baby Beckham again. I pretended not to notice him so he wouldn't suspect that I like him.

Oh, and we went to fun party for Dad's friend's fiancee. She just graduated from dental school. There was like a house full of people and a whole table covered with food. I think Paul has the biggest TV I have ever seen (and a very pretty car). Sadly, we had to leave before the karoke and poker got going. Even more sad -- Paul's puppy Smeagol wasn't at the party! I even wore my special Weiner Dog shirt.


In other news, some of my favorite things these days include standing up (with some help), riding around on Dad's shoulder, and dancing along while Mom and Dad sing. It is SO fun when they sing. My favorite song of all time is "Red Red Robin." Wake up, wake up you sleepy head! Haha!

I also like "Old McDonald," "If You're Happy and You Know It," and "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes."

Lately, I've decided that maybe tummy-time isn't so bad after all. At least as long as I get to decide when to roll over. I can hold my head up and look around, though it gets tiring.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Very Witty!

It's always fun when with visit with Aunt Kelly. I get to see my friend Chloe who is so grown-up and fashionable. She's starting kindergarten this year! I'm hoping that someday I can be like Chloe and go to kindergarten. She's promised she'll go shopping with me one day, too, with our moms. Maybe I can be that fashionable too! My buddy Beckham is cool too. He says that tummy time is fun and I should try it more. Mom says he looks like he's close to "crawling" whatever that means.

Chloe & ClaraBaby Beckham

Beckham also shares his blankets and toys with me. This time I got to try the exersaucer - it was cool! I got to stand on my toes without Mommy holding me! I know there are a lot of toys on it but I just like to stand up and check things out. Anyway, that's all for now - it's nap time.

Trying out Beck's exersaucer

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