Monday, October 31, 2005


Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone! We're busy giving candy to other kids but I put up a couple of costume photos in the gallery. I'll put up more photos of my costume another time.

Saturday, October 29, 2005



I've learned new vocalizations.

And here's a short, silly movie.

If you don't already have it, you'll probably need Quicktime:

Monday, October 24, 2005


Another boyfriend!

I know I could have posted sooner but we've had visitors! Uncle Darren, Aunt Anna and "Baby Ivo" came to visit from Pennsylvania. I don't know why they call him a baby because he's a whole year older than me and he can even walk! They're all really nice. Ivo was the best because he gave me some tips on how to get what I want - I'm going to wait to show those off for a little while but I think I've got the idea. He also helped me with my exersaucer work. He's really good - he knows how all the things work. He told me that the knight is dumb but I'm not sure I agree yet. Maybe I'll understand when I'm older.

I'm sorry that Mom didn't take more pictures! She was busy having fun with Ivo and talking grownup talk. Maybe Uncle Darren will send me a picture of him and his cool goatee - I like to play with it!! It feels so cool!

Before our visitors came, Mom and I went to watch Miss KC and her friends run. It was really cool to see all those big girls running. Mom took lots of pictures - here's my favorite of Miss KC!

Well, it's past my bedtime so I have to go - sorry everyone! I'll try to post soon about the new things I'm learning.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


My New Tricks

Haha! I am a happy baby when I am happy (sometime I am very sad). It is fun when Dad comes home or Mom pops into the room unexpectedly. That cracks me up! I have to hide my face! It's too much.

I also like roofing guys -- they have big hands like my Grandpas.

In other news, I am getting better and better at neck control. This is cool because it allows me to look around and check stuff out.

I hung out in my Baby Bjorn and watched Mommy race the Stumptown Cyclocross Classic. I watched the bicycles go by for a while, but then I got sleepy. It's hard to stay awake when you snuggle close to Dad.

I also had great fun at Mr. Morgan Montgomery's going-away party at Mr. Weaver's. I sat in the living room, listened to all the conversation, and chimed in myself. See you in six months, Morgie!

Some things are so funny. Dad was cleaning up hair on the floor; Scout was very interested; and they bonked heads right in front of me. It made a noise like coconuts! Ha! I couldn't stop laughing.

You know what else is funny? Tuxedo the cat. Sometimes he moves really fast, and I laugh about it. It also cracks me up when Mom sings to me. Last night she had me going so good I thought I was going to pee my pants. Hard to go to sleep after all that excitement.

My other new big skill is grabbing. Look out glasses. Look out hair. It's fun to flail at things. The other day I petted Scout. I also grabbed and twisted Tux's whiskers. He said, "M-rrrow!" but didn't bite me. Thanks, Tux.

I see that big people hold on to "books" a lot. Those seem interesting, so I grab at them, too. I am also beginning to wonder about this "food" that they put into their mouths.

I like hanging out in my exersaucer. I also have two new best friends: Mr Bug is my car friend, and Mr Octopus is my Moses Basket friend. These are in addition to my bouncy chair jungle friends and my crib farm animal mobile friends.

OK, time for another snack. I love to snack (unless something interesting happens). Bye!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


iChat Breakdown

I'm ready to iChat, Grandma!Oh, wait ...... I'm hungry!

Ah, milk makes me sleepy. Zzzzzz...

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