Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Merry Christmas!

We had a really great Christmas! We didn't get a tree until the last minute but I was so happy Daddy could find one with such short notice. Next year, we all promise not to get sick, and we'll cut down our own tree! Scout and I were really looking forward to cutting down our tree but then we all got colds so Daddy had to do a last minute run to a place called Home Depot. I don't know what that is but he wasn't very excited.

Right before Christmas, I went to see Dr. Jim and nurse Allison because - well - I had only been making wet diapers for about 5 days (again!). I like to cut down on diaper laundry for Mom but she worries after 3 days or so. Anyway, Dr. Jim says I just have a slow transit time....like the local Haight Street bus I guess. And they weighed me just for fun and I'm up to 16.2 pounds. I bet I'm an inch taller than last month too but we didn't measure. Anyway, I gave Mom and Dad a couple really stinky dirty diapers on Christmas Eve as a special present. They were really excited! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hah!

So, we celebrated Christmas Eve by decorating the tree. I examined the boxes to make sure that we didn't miss any good ornaments and put the star on top of the tree. On Christmas morning, there were all these presents that a guy named "Santa" dropped off. I didn't see him.... We opened presents and ate cinnamon buns with Uncle Todd and then went to visit the Mautners after I had a nap. It was a great day - it was very hard to go to sleep after all that excitement!

Mom and Dad promised I could have some avocado for Christmas but things got so busy that I didn't get any! I did get it yesterday, though, and it is sooooo yummy. It might be my favorite ever. Sorry, prunes.

Well, that's a lot of news but I should mention that I got to visit with Ingrid and Jake. They're really nice! Mommy went to school with Ingrid when she was a little girl - and a big girl! Anyway, Ingrid and Jake used to live in Philadelphia and then in London and now they live in Philadelphia really near Baby Ivo. They have a fuzzy yellow dog named Maxie. I was sad she didn't visit. Mom says that they'll just have to move somewhere on this coast so we can visit Maxie more. Maybe we can all go hiking together!

Well, its naptime here....just wanted to let you know about my big weekend. Daddy's birthday is coming up and Aunt Kelly's birthday too! Happy Birthday, Witty Witty!

Monday, December 12, 2005


Practice, practice, practice

Guess what? I can crawl! Well, not really. I can move on my own on my belly....but I only go backwards. I try really really hard to get to my toys and they don't get closer! Maybe I'm just stuck in reverse. I don't go very far. I guess I just have to keep practicing. (I practice anywhere and everywhere!)

Last weekend I got to try pears. They're pretty yummy....a little tangy! I think that prunes may still be my favorites. There are pictures of me eating both in the gallery.

I also have a cold which is making me miserable so I think I need to go to bed NOW. Nighty night everyone.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


A new trick

So, I'm getting stronger and stronger. I have been working out!! I can look around and check out anything I want. It's great - I hear Scout running around and I can twist around and see him - no matter what Mom thinks I "should" be doing.

I can also sit up on my own....sometimes I have to use my hands for balance. I can sit better on hard surfaces but Mom doesn't like me to fall on hard surfaces - I don't know why. She always catches me before I tip over on the hard floor (so far). Here I am sitting up (and falling down) on the big comfy chair.

Oh and I started eating pureed prunes last week. I think they're my favorite!!! So, the big food list: rice cereal, oat cereal (aka baby oatmeal), mushed bananas, apple sauce and pureed prunes. Yummmmm! This weekend maybe I'll try pears or maybe avocados or yams! Mom says it is pear season so maybe it's a good time to try those. We'll see.

You should check out the pictures of me and my buddy Tuxie (Dad took a lot)! He really loves all the attention I give him!

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