Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Peek-a-boo, check-up and Beckham too!

Well, I've been busy trying to get my other front teeth to show up....and trying to fight off another cold. Who knew this much stuff could come out of my nose! Yikes! I wanted to be sure to give everyone an update anyway.

I had my nine month (+ 1 week) check up and I weighed in at 18 pounds 11 ounces! I was 29 inches - I am getting a little big for that baby scale, Nurse Allison. Next time I should stand up, okay? Doctor Coughlin was mellow - I think his new baby Sean has stolen some of his energy!! He's always nice, though. He said that I should have all front teeth in about a month. WOW! No wonder my mouth hurts!

Last week was also my week of pointing. Mostly I like to point at people or pictures of people but I like to point at just about anything!! It's a big hit at the coffee shop and grocery store. Here I am pointing at a photo of Hannah or Brett or maybe a bobble head of Cuttino Mobley. I forget.

Mom was so nice and took me to play with Beckham and Chloe. It was great! I even got to see Jake but I was pretty tired by the time he showed up. He's pretty cute too! Of course, he's even more grown-up than Chloe and Nathan. Whew - that's old. Chloe was sweet to me as usual but I was much more interested in Beckham this time. Beckham knows how to do more things than me so he gave me some crawling tips and tried to show me how to crawl over smaller babies but Mommy and Aunt Kelly wouldn't let him climb over me. I think I got the idea, though.

This weekend we saw John and Marjon AND Uncle Todd. That was great! What a great Sunday.

The other night I couldn't sleep so Mom was sitting and holding me and trying to be boring. She tried singing and pacing and all sorts of stuff but then she was just trying to be boring. Well, that was so BORING. So, I decided to try a game that Mommy and Daddy have tried before but I didn't like so much. It is much better when I am in charge. I grabbed a diaper and I made Mom disappear! And then I moved the diaper and she reappeared! I did it again and again and laughed and laughed. Mom didn't even realize what I was doing for a while....but I think she finally caught on. Boy, that was so much better than sleep! Dad and I recreated the scene for my blog. Please imagine that it is later at night and that Dad is Mom and that we're in another room. Okay, that's a lot of imagining but I know you can do it!

Kisses to everyone!

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