Sunday, April 30, 2006


If you're clean, you didn't go hiking

We went for a really pretty hike at a place called Dalles Mountain Ranch. There are so many flowers! You should look in the gallery and see some of the pictures from the hike.

Daddy carried me for a little while and then Mommy carried me and I took a nap. When I woke up, I wanted to crawl! We were a long way from the car but I really had to get some exercise so I fussed and fussed until Mom let me down to crawl. That was really fun. I thought I could just crawl for the rest of the hike but, as you know, Mom and Dad are no fun. They're fun enough, though, to let me play when we got to the top of the ridge and to let me have some yummy snacks. Even though Scout had his own treats, I shared with him. He loves when I share.

The trip home was too long but Mommy sat in back with Scout and me. Scout had a hard time staying awake but I helped him!

Friday, April 28, 2006


Stair Master

Well, I've been getting much more active. I like to crawl around everywhere and pull up on stuff and follow Scout around. Anyway, sometimes Scout goes upstairs and he must be lonely because he sits at the top of the stairs and watches me. So, I decided that I should crawl up the stairs to see him. Boy was Mommy surprised! Now I try to crawl up the stairs whenever I can. It's great! I want to go down head first too but my parents won't let me. They can be real party poopers.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Working girl

I went to Daddy's work to visit on Take Your Baby to Work Day. Daddy didn't take me to work but Mommy and I stopped in so I could do a little work on his computer and check in with everyone. I even got to see Mr. Shanks - he talks funny but he's really nice. Daddy has a nice tiger and a weird talking dog at his desk and a huge blue ball in his work area - that doesn't seem like work! Anyway, it was fun.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Buzzing along

I've been having some fun times. Mommy and I took a trip down to Woodburn for the Tulip Festival. I really liked that but I really hated the drive home (I'll skip the details on that part). I really enjoyed seeing all the kids and the pretty tulips. Mom made me pose for some silly photos but I had fun.

Oh, Happy Late Easter everyone! I had a nice first Easter. We celebrated with Uncle Todd and had some yummy homemade cinnamon buns (I only got a tiny bit of one with no frosting - dietary police don't come bust Mom). I also got some very nice goodies from all of my grandparents (and parents). I had fun checking it all out with Dad. Scout liked it too! Mommy dyed some Easter eggs to celebrate and Daddy and I were going to help with one but I had to stop helping after I stuck my hand in the green dye. Sometimes Mom and Dad just don't get it.

Also, Mommy and I went to the climbing gym a couple of times and once Connie came. She's such a nice lady! We had a lot of fun. I hope she comes climbing again. There are pictures of all of us in the gallery if you want to check them out.

Yesterday, Mommy and I went for a walk and just a block away from the house (right near the house with the chicken coop!), we heard lots of loud buzzing. We were surrounded by a swarm of bees. No kidding! It was pretty amazing. We were both a little stunned. We talked to the nice guy who has the chickens and went on our way (and left the bees there). When we came home, I was sound asleep but Mom said the swarm was hanging out in the tree in a big clump. She took some pictures for me (and you) to have to look close to know that the dark spot is a gazillion bees. When I woke up from my nap, the swarm was all gone. Pretty amazing! There have been other swarms lately too. The ladies at the coffee shop keep us in the loop. Bees are pretty interesting but not as fun as chickens and ducks and dogs and cats.

Gosh - I haven't updated everyone on my new tricks! I say hi and doggie and duckie and woof and meow and probably other things - Mom and Dad don't really understand my words. My "woof" sounds like "ffffff" to them and doggie and duckie sound a lot like each other but and like "dada" but they know what I'm saying because I can point! Mommy taught me to clap not too long ago. I guess she never made the time before. I picked that up in about 30 seconds and I love it! I mean - people love when I wave and point but clapping is a huge hit! Sometimes I just decide to clap but I like to clap for the "If you're happy and you know it" song too. AND I have been pulling myself up on EVERYTHING. I also can crawl a lot faster. I am really keeping Mommy on her toes. Hah! It is great. I can get from one place to another with no problem! I like to try to climb out of the bathtub and into the toilet. It is really fun to grow up. What's next?

I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Long time, no post!

Whew. It has been a long month! We all had colds and then we all had the stomach flu and then Scout had some tummy trouble too because he ate some polyester stuffing! I think we're all okay now, thankfully.

I'll let you know about my adventures and, hopefully, I can write again soon about my new tricks!

Let's see - we celebrated my first Noruz (that's Iranian or Persian New Year to some of you). It was really cool! Mom and I made up a table of things that start with the Persian letter "Sinn" and some other stuff that is symbolic of other stuff. Listen - it is all very complicated for a little baby to explain so you can read more about it here. Mom made Chicken Fussy John (Khoresht-E-Fesenjan) which is like a chicken stew with walnut and pomegranate sauce. I couldn't try it because I am not allowed to eat nuts yet but I had some pita and tried to help myself to dried apricots. No one knows if I'm supposed to be eating dried apricots yet! They're pretty chewy for a little gal like me. Anyway, the best part was hanging out with Marjon and John! Sadie too but she was really sleepy! We almost forgot she came!

Oh, the Mautners came by for a visit with the newest Mautner, Mr. Gus! (He might get a new name) Anyway, he was really sweet and a little overwhelmed by crazy Scout. Haha - Scout is a lot for anybody! That's why I love him!

Last week I also went to the zoo to meet my birthday Aunt. She's Mommy's Aunt Helen but she has the same birthday as me! I got to meet cousins too! I guess Caroline and Katie are my second cousins (Caroline is the bigger one and Katie has red hair.) I think Bill is my first cousin once removed. Does that make Tammy my first cousin once removed in law? (Mom had to look it up.)

Anyway, the zoo was cool. Some people really like the big animals like elephants but I liked the ducks and watching the moving water they have for some of the animals. I also really liked the tree kangaroo - Mom wasn't sure if I thought it was a cat or a dog or a combination - of course, I thought it was a tree kangaroo. Silly mom! Oh, all the people were really interesting too - especially kids in strollers! They're soooo fascinating.

This weekend we went for a hike near Beacon Rock in Washington in the Columbia River Gorge. We started out on the hike that leads up Hamilton Mountain but we just went as far as Rodney Falls and the Pool of Winds. I loved the Pool of Winds - it is right up on the waterfall and you can see and feel the loud rushing water! Dad took pictures of Mom and I on the bridge and Mommy took a picture of the falls - the pool of winds is kind of near the highest point you can see in the photo. Anyway, my teeth were hurting but I loved all the water on the hike and slept after I got to see Rodney Falls. I slept right through the little side trip to Little Beacon Rock - Scout liked that part best because there are a lot of critters in the the rock slides!

Sorry it has been so long! I'll try to write more soon.

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