Friday, July 07, 2006


Big Old Jet Airliner

Wow, OK, what a week! I took Mom and Dad along with me to the East Coast. SO many firsts -- where to begin? In no particular order:

Whew. The trip from Portland was OK. The air pressure changes didn't bother me too, much, and the lady in the seat in front of me didn't mind my kicking because she was three years-old. She was interesting. I napped.

The Detroit airport is cool. I enjoyed all three hours that we spent there. They have fun things to play on like a pirate ship (har!), and I met children from everywhere. There is also a monorail inside the airport.

Grandparents are so much fun. I wish I had at least a dozen. Grandpa carried me around the backyard, and Grandma helped me practice walking. Uncle Jeff took good care of me while Mom and Dad went for a run. And it's fun to play with Uncle Matt.

I think canes are fascinating, and I like to grab them from ladies like Great-Grandma McCullough.

There are like a million or so kid books at Grandmas and that is good. There is also a player piano, which is pretty loud and complicated.

OK, and next door? There are the Johnson kids. They are BABY CRAZY because their mom is going to have a baby any day now. Dad says that Mr. Johnson has an elbow sharpener in his garage, but that's another odd Daddy story. Anyway, we played in the pool and they built me a special house.

Also, there are birds there and a cat, which I like.

Did you know that if you are a very lucky baby, you have not only GRAND parents, but GREAT GRAND parents as well? Yes, it is a fact. We went to see Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma Willson. They used to be in the cow business, which I think sounds interesting, though I hear it is quite a lot of work. We had a very nice visit, and had lunch at the Mason Jar in Vernon. Great-Grandma kept me going with Graham Crackers. Great-Grandpa's belly is so nice. I cuddled-up and just wanted to drift off to sleep. At the end of our visit, Great-Grandpa said I was officially a "rascal." Ha!

Then, for some reason, we had get in a car drive away forever. I wasn't happy about this -- in the car seat for hours again! And then it rained like you wouldn't believe.

But at the end, it was worth it because there were more grandparents! And Great-grandma! And cousins! Plus, aunts and uncles. Man, I was looopy when we got there because I was so tired.

They have stairs in their house, so that was good. I practiced walking up and down the deck stairs over and over. I think maybe Grandma's back was sore after all that! I did take three or four steps to walk over to her, though, and that was like the first time I had done that, so maybe it was worth it for Grandma.

I tried to walk down to the basement, but Grandpa blocked my access with a big trunk. For "safety." Sheesh.

I got to see where Grandma works, and everyone there knows all about me somehow.

We ate a lot of yummy food. And we went swimming in this crazy pool inflatable pool with dinosaur birds and a slide. My cousin Gracey shared some snacks. Sammy is a lot bigger in person than he is in the picture on my refrigerator.

You know what are interesting? Bubbles. They float everywhere, and you try and grab them and then they go away. Grandma, and cousins Nicholas and Michael played with bubbles with me. I tried to blow some myself, but it is tough to get it right.

By the way, some of my favorite words these days are: doggy, dada, baby, bye, hi, yes, and bird. I make noises for monkeys, dogs, cats, bees, and snakes. I can sign dog, bear, baby, eat, more, monkey, and cat. FYI, I can also blow kisses. Sometimes I nod my head "yes" or "no."

And then we had to drive to Newark. I did not like this. Fortunately, on the airplane there was like four dozen kids. Some very nice girls drew me pictures.

Well, that is about it. So much to talk about. And I am talking! Some day, you might even understand what I am saying. I am also solo walking. It is still better to have someone help me, but I can stand on my own, and walk from one end of the house to the other. (It is SO much fun to walk from Mom to Dad and back.)

Don't forget there are even more pictures in my gallery....


Wednesday, July 05, 2006



Hello, for those of you that do not know me, my name is Scout. As a public service, I would like to remind you that fireworks are:
a) scary
b) dangerous

I do my best to warn everyone when fireworks are used (regardless of the time of night), but it a tiring, stressful job. Thankfully, we spent Fourth of July at Flying M Ranch where there were no fireworks. The did have donkeys there, which I like a lot better than fireworks.

We also watched a pie-eating contest and sack races.

And there were horses. Clara thinks that horse heads are big and scary. Personally, I don't have much an opinion on that subject, though I do like Icelandic ponies and horse poop of any sort.

We stayed in a cabin and Clara had to practice walking around and around and around. I was getting dizzy. When I asked Clara about the pie eating contest, all she could talk about were the stairs: "Scout, did you notice the stairs? There were four up and four down. I walked up and down the stairs. And as soon as I walked down the stairs, I walked right back up the stairs! Ha! So much fun ..." Blah, blah, blah.

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