Sunday, October 15, 2006


"Ball" pickin'

Yesterday, we went to Kruger's Farm on Sauvie Island to pick out some balls for Halloween. Mom and Dad said we were going pumpkin picking but there was a big field full of BALLS. It was really cool. We took a ride behind a tractor out to the field. I picked out a neat little white one and Mom picked out some pretty big ones - a nice round one and one that is kind of shaped like an 8 or something. It was fun to walk around in the field and check out all the balls. (Here's a silly, really short movie of me before we went out to the fields.)

Ann also pulled Greta and I through the corn maze in a wagon. That was fun - a little bumpy but it was a cool way to get a ride. Greta's a big girl so she held onto me so I wouldn't fall off. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I can handle myself just fine - she's so nice to help.

There were also a lot of animals at the farm. I have seen a lot of animals in my books and some down at the Flying M Ranch but they had an interesting assortment of ungulates and ponies. Momma really liked the sweet alpaca but I think the ponies were the most interesting. The goats were play fighting kind of like Scout does with his friends and that was pretty cool but the pony really wanted to visit with me and I like that. I pretended to be afraid, though, I think the ponies like that.

Anyway, it was a big day and I had a lot of fun even though I have a cold. I napped really well when we got home! (I wish I slept that well last night! I woke up at 3am and couldn't fall back asleep again. I'm tired.) Speaking of naps, it's that time again. Kisses to everyone!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Racing the race

Well, Mommy and have been planning to go to cheer for Uncle Todd when he was running in the Portland Marathon. We've been talking about it all week. We even made a special shirt for me to wear!

Anyway, we had a plan but Mom realized that it wouldn't work with my nap time. Then we had plan #2 but Mom was worried about getting to that cheering spot with the bike trailer with the road closures. So.....plan #3 was pretty good. We would just run over to the race so we could navigate easier. It was a great plan except that I didn't want to get out of bed. Soooo, we were running late but we went as fast as we could. We saw people that looked about as fast as Uncle Todd when we were on the bridge...

...but the people we saw when we got off the bridge and down to the race were too slow. I cheered for Mommy to run faster and faster and we were passing all the people even though we were running on the grass and over curbs and stuff. I was having so much fun - I was giggling a little and grinning. I think we got really close to Uncle Todd but we missed him. We were cheering inside the whole time, really we were. Good job, Uncle Todd!

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