Sunday, February 18, 2007


Gung hei fat choi!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! We didn't have a lot of celebrations here because Daddy is just getting better from a cold and I just got his cold. We don't feel so well! We did manage to get out in the great sunshine yesterday and work in the garden. It was great! We also opened up the house and let all the light and sunshine in. I can't wait for spring! I think I will live at the park and go on the swings and slide all the time.

Today we went to go see the Lion Dance at the Chinese Garden. The lions dance to scare away evil spirits. It was much more crowded than when Mommy has gone in the past but I guess that's what happens when it isn't raining. Everyone wants to see the lions dance. Mommy and Daddy couldn't really see but I got to see pretty well from Daddy's shoulders. Momma took some photos over her head so you can kind of see what happened. Maybe we'll get there early or go somewhere else to see the lions next year!

My friend Lisa also got me a new wolf puppy that I like to call a doggie. I love it! Be sure to check out the photos in the gallery. Here's hoping that wolf puppies can scare away colds...maybe between the lions and the wolf, I'll be better before you know it!

Friday, February 09, 2007


Frog Lake and duck ponds!

We had another busy weekend last weekend. Daddy wanted to try a race on one complained because we all like the snow. So, Mommy and Daddy woke me up early (oh, did I say no one complained? My mistake.) and put me in the car and we drove out to Mt Hood. There were a lot of dogs there so that was good. I think my favorites were the team of sled dogs. They were so cool that I can now say "Husky". Mommy and Scout and I walked part of the race course - it was really pretty. Scout was really sad that Dad ran by without him but he survived okay.

Even though we were really tired, we went home and celebrated the Super Bowl with buffalo wings and BBQ ribs and some other stuff. I really liked the wings best - Mommy says "It figures."

Yesterday, I went with Mommy and Miss Connie to Crystal Springs Duck Garden. I couldn't believe how many ducks were there! They just walked right up to me looking for food. I didn't feed them but some other kids did. We also went for treats at the bakery and checked out a cool toy store that I've never been to.

You'd think that would be enough but I decided it was time that I start walking around the neighborhood. I used to ride in the stroller or Mommy would carry me but now I will just take her hand and walk. I walked a block or so to Petey's house (Maggie and Rick live with Petey) and then blocks and blocks to the school. After walking another block, I decided I should run home. So...I did! It was great. I did it again today! I think I will do that every day.

Well, it's bedtime here so I better go.

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