Saturday, March 31, 2007


My favorite things (a partial list)

Running around naked (or almost naked)
Practicing my yoga
Taking notes and drawing
Puddle stomping
The park

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Party in Farsi?

We had a great weekend! Last night the Walrods and Weavers came over and we celebrated Noruz (aka Norooz, Nowruz, Persian New Year, Iranian New Year, the first day of spring). We celebrated last year too but I don't remember. This year Marjon cooked some nummy chicken and some rice with worms (it doesn't have real worms, Mommy says it is more like homemade Rice-a-Roni but better). Megan brought lots of veggies for snacking and Mommy got huge flatbread and desserts. We put together a special Haft Sinn table and decorated the house with flowers. No, no, Mommy isn't from Iran. She just likes an excuse to get our buddies together. We also got to celebrate Marjon's new CPA status.

I really like Marjon and Megan and I ask them for uppies all the time. I like John and Ryan too but I don't like uppies as much from big guys like them! (They're just a tiny bit scary.) I do like to show everyone my tricks. I even got dressed up all in red like Haji Firuz and danced. Everyone was very impressed.

Of course, the highlight was the dogs. It was great to have Sadie and Sophie and Scout. Poor Tuxie was outnumbered but I was so excited!! I really wanted to take Sophie for a walk but I never got to. Maybe another time. Sophie was really interested in Tuxie but she had to defend herself from Scout who was busy showing her that he was the boss. Scout's so silly!

Today was good too! Even after that late night, Daddy treated me to a ride in the bike trailer this morning. We went to Stumptown for coffee and we rode for a little while on the team bike ride. That was cool because I got to listen to everybody talking and watch them pedal. It was much better, though, when we stopped at Sellwood Park and I got to play. Even though everything was wet, I didn't want to leave. I love the park. After my nap, we worked in the yard and then we had pizza. Doesn't that sound great?

Check out the gallery for pictures of my dancing and other adventures.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Ruh, ruh, ruh, run....

Daddy and I went to cheer Mommy on in a Red Lizard running race in Lake Oswego. It was fun. The sun came out and everything. It was fun to cheer for Mommy but mostly I liked watching all the dogs and checking out the park where the race finished. Seriously, there were some really great dogs. Did I mention the dogs?

The next weekend, Mommy did _another_ running thing called the Shamrock Run with Uncle Todd. I didn't go because it was early (especially with the time change and all) but we talked about it a lot because I like to say run run run and I like to talk about Uncle Todd. Mommy said it was kind of a mob scene (whatever that means) but she got to visit with Uncle Todd and that was cool.

I've been practicing my own running in the house and up and down the driveway and around the neighborhood. I also get to run in "Ball" class. That's my favorite part of class - running from one side of the gym to the other. My second favorite part? Balls. Balls are really awesome. I love to kick them but throwing them is good too....and carrying them.

Oh, thanks to Evan Pilchik for the photos.

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