Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Running with Witty people

I went running with some of my favorite people. You can read about it on The Wittyclan blog.

Kelly did such a good job writing about it - why should I do it again?

Monday, June 18, 2007


Daddy's Day

We had a great Daddy's Day! We went up to Mt. Hood (aka Winter Mountain) and we cheered Mommy on while she did a silly running race (the Mt Hood Scramble). We also climbed around and checked out all the rocks and water. John and Marjon came by too with Sadie! It was a little cold and windy up there but that just made it more of an adventure.

Later that day, we cleaned up and dressed up a little and then we went out to dinner at the new The Country Cat restaurant. It was REALLY nummy. Then we went home and goofed around. I hope Daddy had a good day. We love you Daddy!

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Sunday, June 03, 2007


Birthday Greetings from John, Marjon and Sadie!

Thanks, guys. You're the best.


A visit to Doctor Jim

I was excited, I was, I swear. I was also having a great time checking out the fish at Dr. Jim's office. But, after they weighed and measured me (28 pounds, 33.75 inches), I got fidgety. I didn't really feel like sitting and chatting with Dr. Jim. I really wanted to climb all over Mommy and act like a baby. Anyway, despite my best efforts to show otherwise, I am doing all the appropriate 2 year old things - running, climbing, being stubborn, eating capers and salsa...you know.

Dr. Jim drew a person on a stick to cheer me up. It didn't work but it was nice of him to try.

I didn't cry when Nurse Allison gave me a shot and I thoroughly enjoyed every crumb of the "flower" cookie she gave me...then I went back to watch the fish. I still talk about the fish.

Later that night, we went to Mt Tabor and I got to dance with Greta and play in a pool. It was great fun. Daddy also raced his bike - he should have skipped it and played in the pool. Way better.

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