Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Merry Christmas!

I must have been a very good girl because Santa and everyone else was very generous! I really really enjoyed the "baby oranges" Santa left, especially. Mommy was a little afraid I might turn into an orange because I ate so many. I'm fine - if one is good, one dozen must be great!

I spent most of the day playing and entertaining Mommy and Daddy. Oh, yeah, and eating, eating, eating!

Uncle Todd, John and Marjon came over for some ham and other snacks and we got so distracted we didn't take many pictures of them! Oh well, we were busy enjoying their company which is better.

We set up a live webcam for far away loved-ones. Sorry that the time lapse movie didn't work right. If you missed it, you missed it. Hee-hee.

Hope your Christmas was just as good! Big hugs to everyone!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007


The final touch!

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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Christmas Trees!

We went to Zurbrugg Farms to pick out a Christmas tree. We went there last year too. With some help from Mommy and Daddy, I picked out a nice Douglas Fir. The weather could have been better but it wasn't bad at all.

Baby Drew and his parents were there - I think the tree they got was twice the size of ours! I bet it was close.

I can't wait for Santa to come! I'm trying to be nice (not naughty like Tom Kitten).

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Sunday, December 09, 2007


Goodbye Tux

Sad news. My buddy Tux died today. I don't really understand what that means, except that he's not here right now, and I miss him. Mommy, Daddy, and Scout are sad.

Uncle Todd was nice and stayed with me while Mommy and Daddy took Tux to the vet. The vet helped Tuxie die comfortably.

I have lots of questions about where Tuxie is and why he's not coming back. Is he with Boots? Is Scout sick, too? What kind of nuts are these? Yummy! Let's swing again. I'm still a toddler ....

God speed, Tuxie, You were the best kitty (in black).

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