Friday, March 14, 2008


Artsy Fartsy

I did a lot of painting today. I like to paint on my hands and make "paw prints" best. Mommy encourages me to keep coming up with new approaches. So, I do one handprint. Then I do a fast handprint. Then I do just my thumb then I do a whole hand and smear it around. Then I do all my fingertips close together. I know I do some crazy things too but I can't think of them all.

Mommy and I also learned about monoprints. We made some by painting on the top of a plastic salad box and then pressing it on paper. I did a bunch and Mommy did a few too. Don't worry, I still tell her how to do it when it's her turn to try. I even made her paint a hula dancer and a swimming dog. Good stuff!

Anyway, we'll try it again soon - I'm sure.

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Mama's Sari

Mommy picked out a library book for me, "Mama's Sari." I really really like it. I really really want my own sari too. For now, we find what we can to make me saris to wear.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008


Bit o' Country in the City

We went to Pistils Nursery again this week and this time the chicks were in! I'm not sure if I like the chicks or the hens better. I kept running inside to see the chicks and outside to see the chickens. I really liked feeding the chickens the first time I visited there. It's a cool place to visit and run around.

This time we also got worms for our new worm bin! We have been composting our veggie waste but Mommy doesn't always turn the compost (and the buggies appreciate this) and we don't have a lot of extra soil to contribute. Anyway, we thought it would be fun to have some worms to eat up our "kitchen scraps" as I like to say. I'm sure we'll have fun with our new pets/science project. We'll keep you updated! By the way, we're keeping the worms outside but lots of people keep them under the kitchen sink!

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